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Our expertise with regard to coating technology is freely available to potential customers and we are very keen to assist in the design and development phase of your project as well as being your contract supplier. We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements to provide the security you need.

We pride ourselves on a strict code of confidentiality with our customers and will never divulge detailed information or display samples to indicate the range of products we manufacture.

Our areas of expertise include but not limited to: 

  • Self-adhesive coatings – hot melt, water-based and solvent based, labelstock, double-sided tapes etc.

  • Surface coatings – decorative and protective coatings, release coatings, functional barrier coatings, sealable coatings, anti–mist coatings, fire retardant coatings.

  • Laminates – food packaging structures (plain and pre-printed), microwaveable, sterilisable, retortable. Non-food laminates (we can combine papers and films in many combinations and multiples thereof).

  • We process polyester films (A–Pet, C–Pet, R–pet) polypropylene (cast and orientated), polythene, nylon (cast and orientated), PLA films, cellophane and cellulose acetate in plain, printed or metallised form.

  • We also process papers and boards up to 800 – 1000mu depending upon rigidity.

If you cannot see something in the above listings that indicates our potential to help you with your enquiry please do not hesitate to make contact with us. We may have exactly what you need but are not currently involved in your area of interest.



We have single shaft and duplex slitting by shear, razor and crush cutting techniques. Maximum web width is 1800mm (some technologies are narrower). We can process polyester film, polypropylene, cellophane, nylon, polyethylene, PLA, cellulose Acetate and A-pet films.

We also coat papers and boards and various `specials` such as non-wovens and spun bondeds. Please call us to discuss combinations of materials and technologies. Core sizes are usually 76mm or 152mm but we also wind onto 25mm where required – we are happy to discuss options. Our entire operation is audited and accredited to food packaging standards.

We have the following technologies and techniques at our disposal using our reliable, versatile equipment:


Coating techniques                            

  • Forward Gravure                       

  • Reverse Gravure

  • Flexo

  • Meyer Bar

  • Reverse (smooth) roll

  • Gear-in-die hot melt

Curing Technologies

  • UV

  • Thermal

  • Aqueous

  • Solvent


We have a full Quality Control function which can be tailored to handle your specific product requirements. Our laboratory facility is equipped with gas chromatography for assessing performance against demanding controls on retained volatiles.



You may be in an under-capacity situation on your own plant and need a temporary external supplier to keep up with demand. In this situation we are happy to discuss the conditions of a short-term arrangement.

You may wish to permanently outsource the manufacture of a product. We can contract for you on your free issue raw materials, purchase from your approved suppliers or source materials independently as appropriate.

If you have a New Concept which requires proving we can provide a facility charged by the hour for your development trials.



We have an extensive knowledge of coatings chemistry. By mutual agreement we will assist with your product development, taking it through from design to production. Alternatively you may have a market opportunity but no suitable product. Again we may be able to assist in a joint venture. Strict confidentiality covered by mutual non-disclosure agreement would be guaranteed. If you have a New Concept which requires proving we can provide a facility charged by the hour for your development trials.

Provided commercial agreement can be reached there is no quantity too small. At the other extreme we have considerable capacity available for high volume markets.

Whether it is:

  • Solvent-based

  • Water-based,

  • Hot Melt or UV cured

  • Films

  • Papers

  • Boards

  • Composite

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